2016 witnessed a sharp increase in the number of traffic-related deaths in Florida.  The number of deaths was higher than in any prior year, except for 2007.  This figure gives us cause to reflect on the reasons driving the trend, and what we can do to reverse it.

To put it in perspective, 3,057 people died in car accidents in the sunshine state in 2016, while the number who died in 2015 on our roads was 2,940. The 2016 total exceeds the number of victims of homicide for the same time period. 

Furthermore, according to the National Safety Council, it is consistent with a sharp increase in traffic fatalities nationwide that began in 2014.  The primary reason that has been advanced to explain the trend is "distracted driving." Many accidents in 2016 were attributed to one or both drivers involved taking their eyes off the road to send a text or place a call.  In Florida, an additional factor that likely contributed to the spike was an increased number of cars on the roads, driven by the state's relentless growth.

Law enforcement officials recently announced a statewide initiate called "Arrive Alive," aimed at decreasing fatal crashes by examiningstretches of roadway where fatalities are most common and taking steps to mitigate the dangers. Individual drivers can reduce their risk by reducing distractions, driving defensively, and by consulting a map or GPS to learn the route prior to traveling to unfamiliar places.

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