“Mr. Clarke helped me to recover against a property owner after I fell in the parking lot and broke my leg. I had medical bills I couldn't pay and lost my job and I thought I would end up on the street. Mr. Clarke obtained a large settlement for me that has allowed my daughter and I to move on with our lives. I would definitely recommend him to handle your personal injury case.”

Shanique Woods, Plantation, Florida

“Mr. Clarke is a smart and determined lawyer! He recovered a large deposit that I had put down on a real estate deal that "went south." He analyzed the contract and the seller's representations (many false) carefully, then drafted the complaint and served it on the seller. When she realized that she was going to lose the case when it went to court and would also have to pay all my legal fees she coughed up my money. I would definitely use Mr. Clarke again!”

Robert Boulos, Pompano Beach, Florida

“Mr. Clarke is tough and smart. After my house was sold at a foreclosure auction, the lender sued me for a deficiency of 150K. Mr. Clarke analyzed the case carefully and found that the servicer hadn't filed the correct documents to prove standing. As a result, the court dismissed the case. I only wish I had hired him before the foreclosure, and I might have been able to save the house. “

Mark Reynolds, Atlanta, Georgia

John Clarke is a personal injury lawyer and estate planning attorney based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. John Clarke handles cases in several areas of personal injury law such as medical malpractice, defective products, slip and falls, and motor vehicle accidents. John Clarke’s also practices law in Hollywood, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and Miami. Call Clarke Law at (954) 556-8952 today for a free consultation!